Mobile App of the Month – Trello

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What it is:

Trello is a free project management tool that helps you organize ideas and keeps track of your progress. You can upload documents and photos from cloud storage to bring your projects to life. Trello has a website as well, so you can manage your project wherever you are. It also offers an upgrade version for a fee that businesses can give access to their employees.

What makes it special:

Trello has different ways to keep your project organized. A Board is your project. Lists keep your ideas for that project in order. Cards make up your Lists. In Cards, you can put due dates, add checklists, and assign tasks to people. You can add members to your Board to coordinate ideas and get up-to-date progress on your project. Trello is easily customizable to fit your project needs. So whether you are making a grocery list or preparing for a huge sales meeting, Trello will help keep you organized and on schedule.


App Website:

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App Price: Free

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