What We Learned at TEMIA 2017

We joined 68 other telecom and technology leaders last month at the bi-annual TEMIA Members Conference in New Orleans. The Telecom Expense Management Industry Association (TEMIA www.temia.org ) is the authoritative voice for Technology and Telecom Expense Management and Solutions Providers and related areas.

TEMIA’s mission is:

  • Expanding the size of the market
  • Fostering ongoing performance improvement through open industry standards
  • Promoting the industry to clients, carriers, and analysts
  • Advocating for TEMIA members working with carriers and clients


Aside from the warm New Orleans hospitality and tasty beignets, we had a great time catching up with old friends (TEMIA celebrated their 10 year anniversary this past December!) and making new ones.  What we definitely all agreed on: It’s not the same old TEM!


Some meeting highlights included:

  • Lots of networking and time to meet new partners
  • Reaffirmation of the TEMIA Ethics Code
  • Work toward developing a standard for inventory
  • HR “gotcha” stories
  • Tales from the mobile help desk


One of the featured sessions was a forward-looking panel on new ways to think about software in our market: Build vs. Buy vs. Partner or License. Panelist Eric Januszko was our advisor as we went through this decision process ourselves, then he helped in developing the requirements and the evaluation phase when we as we made our selection once we decided that “buy” was the right path for us. We spent considerable time mapping out our requirements for a platform, and then working through the actual evaluation process of ensuring that the platform would really meet our needs. Eric brings many years of experience in communications lifecycle management and TEM as the former CTO of ProfitLine and he is currently a CIO consultant for growing technology companies.  During the panel, Eric shared how we approached our search for the perfect platform and made recommendations on how to approach the journey, as well as his thoughts on the software of tomorrow.


4TelecomHelp has been a member of TEMIA for more than four years.  As a core part of our values, we believe in providing our customers industry best practices and world-class service.  TEMIA helps us stay on top of what’s current.  We have benefited greatly from the chance to meet new partners and most importantly,  that’s how we met our new platform partner, Juvo Technologies! It was through TEMIA that we met CEO John Schroder and the Juvo team and got to know them for their excellent platform as we went through our discovery journey.  It was only fitting that we gave a sneak preview of the selection process we went through to vet our new partner and introduced our partnership to the world.


As part of our commitment to the industry and support for TEMIA, our President, Jill Plouffe has joined the PR, Marketing, and Events Committees.  We look forward to continuing our work promoting the importance and professionalism of our industry and our commitment to service excellence for our customers.


Stay tuned and we’ll keep you posted as we work to launch our new integrated platform, 4T-Titan!

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