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How to Complete a Successful POTS Carrier Change

Customers change POTS Service Providers for various reasons. It could be to reduce monthly rates, consolidate billing or get better customer service and tech support. Knowing the steps before can make the process much easier.


In most cases, POTS lines can be ported from one Carrier to another Carrier without interruption to service.  There are exceptions where telephone facilities are changed causing a short interruption in service.  Always let your customer know when this will happen so they can be prepared.  This is especially true when porting a large quantity of POTS lines.

Before placing orders to port POTS telephone numbers to a new Carrier, obtain a copy of the Customer Service Record (CSR) from the Existing Carrier and review the account.  This will prevent delays in porting the numbers.

  • Research all lines on the account and disconnect any lines that are not needed.
  • If applicable have the customer notify their PBX vendor so they can make any necessary changes to the equipment.
  • Remove PIC freezes because they are put in place to prevent another Carrier from taking the numbers.
  • Remove any service types that are not being ported and put them on a new account. For example, if POTS lines are being ported, move trunk lines and circuits to a separate account.

Once the changes are completed, send your port request to the new Carrier along with a signed letter of authorization (LOA) from the customer. The Receiving Carrier will work directly with the losing Carrier to port the POTS lines.

Follow up regularly with the Carriers for updates and status the customer.  After the numbers are ported, check the customer’s next bill to confirm billing is accurate.


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