4TelecomHelp’s Approach to Client Support using the AID Process

4TelecomHelp Inc. is a telecommunications consulting and outsourcing firm created to assist businesses with every aspect of their telecom services including telecom auditing, telecom installation management, wireless cost management and telecom expense management. Our services are very dynamic and designed to support any size organization and budget for our customers. The company focuses exclusively on telecom support, we can offer high-quality support and services at lower costs than our competitors.

The cycle of any 4Telecom Project is very complex but can be described in 3 simple steps:

Approach, Identify and Demonstrate. First, when offering any solutions, it is important to approach the customer to begin a relationship based around their need for telecom support. To our clients, 4TelecomHelp serves as a key trusted advisor for support around telecommunications and it is very important to be clear and precise with the mission of our company as described above.

Based on the initial meetings we can use this exchange to develop a better understanding on how we can offer support for our clients. Next, it is very important to identify any issues or road blocks and address them to move forward with the opportunity to manage a project. During this stage we can suggest services that can support our customer based on budget, issues with current service, or offering new solutions.

Finally, using all of the information that we have gathered from our clients, we can demonstrate our services and solutions to best fit the company. We win as a company when we seek every possible opportunity to offer the best telecom consultant service.

If you’re not sure yet if you’re ready for telecom expense management, you can download our free checklist by entering your email below.

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